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Short Courses

Fast Self Defence

FAST Defense is the latest evolution of personal protection/conflict resolution called adrenal stress response training. We train you how to control the adrenal stress response that anyone gets in a confrontation, whether it is a small verbal engagement or a physical attack, and even to use this powerful emotional bio-chemical response as an incredible source of power! You don't need bulging muscles or a black belt to take care of yourself. If you have ever been in a tough spot and afterwards thought, "I sure wish I could have handled that better", then Fast Defence is for you! Imagine the Peace of Mind you will experience when you learn you have the power to be your own protector!

Urban Survival

This course has been designed to expose Teens to strategies and techniques they will need to know to survive safely in an urban environment. It is a hands on course with students actively participating. They will be exposed to the 'ASD Dirty Dozen' self defence techniques, develop a grab bag of urban survival skills and hone their situational awareness to the ever changing environment in which they live. Guest Speakers working in policing and security will give a professional account of the current Canberra personal security scene for teens. Where are the hot spots and how can you keep yourself safer.

Action Kids

Action kids is ASD's 2 days Holiday program held every school holidays. The program runs from 0900AM-3.30PM. It includes self defence and martial arts training, fun games and loads more challenges and group activities.