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Management Team

Chief Instructor

Travis is the Chief Instructor and has over 30 years of consistent and continuous training and study of martial arts and combative engagement. Travis has been awarded his 4th and 3rd degree gradings in Hapkido by Master Fari Salievski. His first degree was also endorsed by Hapkido founder and great: Dojunim Ji and 2nd &1st Degrees were earned under the International Hapkido Alliance  by Master Geoff Booth. Travis also holds a 3rd dan grade in Shotokan Karate with his Dan gradings being awarded by the Karate greats: Kanazawa Sensei and Kasuya Sensei. He feels privileged to study grappling under Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) great Professor  John Will and Mr Danny Weir (EPIC BJJ -Canberra).Travis has also been awarded instructor status under Floro Fighting Systems (FFS) founder Ray Floro.

Travis has also had the honour of studying, and continuing to study with the world leader in Hopology, Mr Hunter Armstrong. In addition, to this Travis has studied various other styles and continuous to improve his knowledge by continuing to study other styles. Travis vows that his mission with ASD is to provide students with martial arts and self defence that are practical and taught professionally and responsibly. He says, “Our students will always have access to the latest in martial arts Best Practice education and benefit of the pre-eminent traditional teachings passed down through the ages.”

Program Director

Elizabeth is the Program Director for ASD and all its courses. Her background in primary teaching, coaching, social work, and corporate training and course writing lends itself well to ensuring the high quality of our curriculum and instructors. Elizabeth’s passion has always been about giving people the chance and tools to improve their lives and have fun along the way. Elizabeth believes that martial arts is unique in its ability to provide people with:

Physical betterment

Liz says “our new students are always reporting in surprise how much stronger and healthier they feel after a few months of our course!”

Cognitive improvement

“Parents frequently comment how much more focused their child is at home and school and how Hapkido seems to lift their performance at school” Liz remarks “.We know that it is the engagement of left and right brain activities”

Affective development

“Motivation, interest, attention and effort are headings that we recognise and fall under affect and it’s influence on our learning,” points out Liz. “Our students learn how to manage affect to their advantage.”

Social extension

“In our urban, fragmented society, families often live away from extended families and the social interaction and connection they provide. We find that parents and adult student often comment how classes, and the before and after interaction with others, often feels like an extended family. We believe that this is a result of the positive role modelling structure set up by martial arts” Says Liz. “We are not a school that believes in ‘survival of the fittest’. We believe that we are part of a community and everyone’s job is the help each other to lift their performance.”

Australian Self Defence Certified  - Black Belts

Black Belt - Hapkido

Bruce Jones (2018)

Phillip van Zomeren (2018)

Mathew Kehoe (2018)

Black Belt - BJJ

Mike Armstrong (2017)

1st Degree Black Belts  - Hapkido

David Wall (2008)

Kitty Cheng (2012)

Brenton Monteleone (2014)

  • ASD Instructor

Brenda Banning (2014)

Janet Jenista (2014)

Damien Burroughs (2015)

Steph Gorecki (2015)

  • ASD Instructor
  • FFS Level 1 (2014)

Jon Powerderly (2018)

2nd Degree Black Belts -Hapkido

Peter Hughes (2012)

  • Will-Machado BJJ Purple Belt (2014)

 Sarah Lowe (2012)

  • Ukidokan Kickboxing Level 1 (2012)

Donald Lowe (2012)

  • Will-Machado BJJ Purple Belt (2013)

Jasper Hagan (2013)

  • Will-Machado BJJ Blue Belt (2012)

Tony Monteleone (2017)

  • ASD Instructor
  • Floro Fighting System Level 1 (2014)

Gregory Taylor (2017)

  • ASD Instructor

3rd Degree Black Belts -Hapkido

Caroline White (2016)

  • ASD Instructor
  • Will-Machado BJJ Purple Belt (2018)
  • Floro Fighting System Level 1 (2014)

Redback BJJ Instructors

Mike Armstrong Black Belt (2017)

Travis Faure Brown Belt (2016)

Caroline White Purple Belt (2018)

Tristen Hedger Purple Belt (2018)

Robert Prado Blue Belt (2018)

Phillip van Zomeren Blue Belt (2018)

Harrison Faure Blue Belt (2018)