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Hapkido - What is it? 

Hapkido is often called the “complete” martial arts for its comprehensive armoury of defensive tactics. Hapkido is a Mixed Martial Art (MMA) with its powerful strikes, kicks, locks, throws and takedowns, pressure points and self defence principles ensure that it is indeed complete.

In the most comprehensive tome on Hapkido Marc Tedeschi says “ Most martial arts place an emphasis on two or three technique areas. Hapkido is somewhat unique in that it attempts to integrate seven areas: striking, avoiding and blocking, holding, throwing, internal techniques (meditation, breathing, internal energy development) and healing. The first six area are emphasized equally during formal training. The seventh area healing is usually part of master level training…….”

However, Hapkido draws on hundreds of years of martial arts practise and knowledge and ancient knowledge of proper breathing techniques, using the body’s energy sources and pressure points are all key ingredients of this martial art.

Hapkido Courses

ASD Adult and Teen programs develop:   

  • Real Confidence comes from Real Training 
  • become your own Guardian 
  • be Functionally Fit 
  •  Supercharge your Self Esteem 
  • Reinvent  yourself today, in a  Fun, Safe and Positive Environment

Adults: 18+

We offer a self paced program that appeals to a broad age group to which our current student population attests, 18—60 somethings. If you are a young gun and want to push yourself hard you will find training partners abound. If you are a bit older and want a lifelong passion you will also find yourself among friends. Our curriculum and matting ensure age is no limit. Adults train all year round. We train 7 days a week. At ASD we build and develop your fitness level. No fitness level is required to commence in our programs.  Beginners most welcome!

Teens: 13 –17 year olds

Our Teens use the same technique syllabus as our adults, however the lessons designated for their program are high energy, quick moving and fun. Games and challenges are still included yet the challenge of the adult syllabus and the chance to sometimes train with the adults provide a recognition of growth. Teens are encouraged to be leaders and take on “Big Brother/Sister” roles and assist our Hapkido Kids in a friendly manner. Teens learn many valueable life skills that will be a foundation for the rest of their life. Teens train all year round. We train 7 days a week.

Parents ’n’ kids: For the Parents (PnK)

A program that started small but has proven a hit. Parents train at the same time as their child but in a separate session. They follow the same syllabus as the adult program but at their own pace. Not only are parents getting fitter, the kids love having something to share with their parent. Parents 'n' Kids train based on the school term. During the school term we have P'N'K classes 4 days a week.