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ASD provides the opportunity to train in sports, sparring and brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes. ASD competes in local, state, national and international martial sporting events. ASD supports the Australian Martial Arts Competition (AMAC) which holds ACT state level and national competitions throughout the training year. ASD also competes in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitions held in Canberra and the Will-Machado 'The Gathering' national competition held annually in Melbourne.

All minors under the age of 18 yrs compete in non contact sparring events. ASD ensures the training is progressive, safe and all participants are required to wear protective equipment for training and competition.

ASD Competition Results

National All Styles (NAS)

2008 NAS Rankings
2009 NAS ACT Round2
2010 NAS

2017 NAS ACT Round 1

Australian Martial Arts Competition

2010 AMAC ACT Round 1
2010 AMAC Australian Titles
2011 AMAC ACT Round 1
2011 AMAC ACT Round 2
2011 AMAC ACT State Championships
2012 AMAC ACT Round 1 A.I.S.
2012 AMAC ACT State Championships
2014 AMAC ACT Round 1 A.I.S.
2014 AMAC ACT Round 2 A.I.S.
2014 AMAC ACT State Championships A.I.S

2015 AMAC ACT Round 1 A.I.S.

2015 AMAC ACT Round 2

2015 KMAS Central West Championships (Cowra)

2015 NSW AMAC State Titles

2018 AMAC ACT Round 1 

2018 AMAC Orange NSW Results

The Gathering - Will-Machado BJJ Competition

2008 Australasian Championships - The Gathering (Will-Machado)
2010 Australasian Championships - The Gathering (Will-Machado)
2011 Australasian Championships - The Gathering (Will-Machado)
2012 Australasian Championships - The Gathering (Will-Machado

2017 Australiasian Championships - The Gathering (Will-Machado)

2018 Australiasian Championships -The Gathering (Will-Machado)

BJJ Victorian State Championships

2009 BJJ Victorian State Championships