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Core Values

Being a great Hapkido student

There are many attributes and attitudes that an ASD Hapkido student learns in their course, however we believe that there are some basics that students need to bring with them to start on their journey. They are easy but fundamental to student success. Here they are:

Commitment to consistent class attendance

We recommend training at least twice a week. Make classes and yourself a priority.

A smile and some positive energy

All of our instructors spend much time, energy and though preparing classes. No instructor deserves a blank face or frown. No training partner wants to train with a dull person. Train yourself to leave your worries at the dojang door, complete your breathing exercises and put a bit of excitement in your body. Our instructors conduct high energy classes that get the positive juices flowing for everyone. As an educational organisation, we believe in the eastern philosophy that you, the student, need to bring something to the lesson. You are as responsible for your learning as much as the instructor. It’s all part of martial arts training.

Learner for life attitude

At ASD Academy we hold the firm belief that everyone is a life learner. Only the student that can empty their glass time and time again will continue to learn for a life time. We believe that our black belts need to keep a white belt attitude of “there is so much to learn”. Everyone can learn something from another person if they keep an open attitude.

Being a supportive Hapkido parent

Children require the ongoing support of their parents to be great Hapkido students. Parents need to ensure:

  • students get to class on time
  • students are able to attend classes twice a week

Parents also need to be their children’s number one supporter. Things a parent can do to ensure their children continue to enjoy Hapkido are:

  • stay up to date with what is happening in the school
  • ask your child what they enjoyed the most about class
  • watch a class each week and note how you think your child has improved in class. Give them praise.
  • help them learn to be a person who “sticks at” things when the going get tough