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"Our family has been part of the ASD family for over seven years. During that time Travis and Liz Faure have introduced a comprehensive program that not only develops us as martial artists, but also focuses on personal health and fitness, and enhanced life skills. The ASD program for juniors is outstanding, with both our boys clearly demonstrating improved decision making, confidence, empathy and physical skills; all directly attributable to the ASD influence.

We are delighted with the positive changes ASD has delivered into our lives – many of which were totally unexpected – and unreservedly recommend ASD to people of all ages seeking challenge, balance and self-improvement in a friendly, safe, and professional environment."

Don, Sarah, Zac and Angus

"We love that the program is run by professional people who live their lives by the martial arts principals and are such strong role models to our children. The program provides not just skills, but structure, values and FUN. There is a flexible program to suit the work/home balance juggle.We first tried Hapkido to boost the “body confidence” of our seven year old.

He now carries himself confidently and has a much improved self image. He is fit and learning valuable skills. Not only that, we were unable to keep our 3 year old off the mat and he is also confidently progressing through the Bunyips program. Not to be left out, Mum and Dad join in the Parent ‘n Kids classes, making it a true family activity.Strengths: feel part of the Hapkido (ASD) family, modelling of good values, well organised, super instructors."


"Having had experience in martial arts in the past, I wanted to find a class which blended useful self defence, traditional martial arts and exercise. I attempted a few other martial arts schools around Canberra, finding most lacked in one of these areas (less useful self defence, no support for the traditional aspects or no fitness component). When I found ASD, I was very impressed.

The program introduces students with basic self defence skills (elbows, knees etc.) and progresses into the complex and more advanced martial arts skills (wrist locks, complex kicks etc.). This manner allows a beginner student to gain necessary skills to defend themselves right away and then enhance their capability with sophisticated skills as they progress. Guest instructors, who are masters of other disciplines, provide added comprehension of other skills (e.g. knife fighting). The fitness component of the class, while challenging, is a tough workout, keeping students fit, healthy and strong. I recommend ASD anyone interested in self defence, traditional martial arts or building up their fitness.'"